First of all, to make a return, we need:

- Photos or videos of the defective item to prove the damage. If the photos do not serve to clarify the damage or breakdown of the product, I uploaded a video.

- Screenshot of the email received, including name, date and content, payment made... Showing the purchase of this product.

- Finally, to proceed with the return, the item must be in the same conditions as it arrived without any indication of shock or electrical manipulation by the buyer. With original packaging and labels.

To continue with the return, contact us through our email If we accept this return with what is provided, within hours, we will contact you to fix the problem with the return of the corresponding amount or the shipment of another product. In any case we will indicate the instructions where you should send the package. If an item is returned without prior approval, it will not be accepted.

But you can contact us to answer questions about returns.

What do we accept and what do we not accept as a return?

In all countries of the world, our return policy is 30 days after you receive the order. But this period can be increased. In the United States, the total time for which a return can be started is 45 days in total, after the package has been processed and in transit to its destination. In the rest of the world this date is 60 total days after the order is in transit.

We will not bear any refund or resend if the tracking information shows:

- Incorrect/insufficient address.

- Invalid number.

- Unknown recipient.

- Not picked up on time after shipping attempts.

- No safe delivery location.

- Customs clearance.


Damaged products:

We offer a full refund or replacement if the received packages are damaged. This applies for fragile products, for damaged packaging boxes. But if there are strong blows from the logistics company, we do not bear any refund or exchange, you should contact the company which has delivered the package.

For wrong or missing products:

We will deal with incorrect or missing products as follows:

- For wrong products, we offer a full refund or replacement.

- For products with wrong color, wrong size... We offer refund or resend if you provide screenshot.

- For missing parts that do not affect the function of the product, we will partially refund or resend the missing part

- For accessories, the accessories will be resent.

- For order cancellation, we offer a full refund before the product is processed

We will not accept returns when your orders are shipped to the following countries:

Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nicaragua, Swaziland, Jamaica, Zambia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Bahamas, Benin, Belize City, Burundi, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Grenada, Cuba, Palestine, Paraguay, Guatemala, RĂ©union, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana.

Unacceptable returns or reshipments:

- Not to the buyer's liking

- If the product description is not real.

- The products smell funny.

- The shipping address was incorrect.